Alright, I literally just made this blog to put a rest to everyone’s bickering. Yeah another picture analysis, big surprise.

This isn’t the only topic I wanted to cover. But seriously the whole Eleanor/Louis photo drama is pissing me off.

Okay guys look, it’s not the fact that they’re together in a photo. It’s the fact that the photo is obviously photoshopped. Whether or not this was fan made or mgmt made (honestly leaning toward second. Not literally BY management but I think this level of Photoshopping is for a magazine) it’s very clear this is not Louis’ body.

I honestly couldn’t give half a fuck because even when they try this still looks awkward.

I actually believe this type of photo would be used in a future magazine to promote Louis and Eleanor. You know how people get upset when women are touched up in magazines? Why wouldn’t they do it with Louis? Men have bodily expectations as well.

If it is professional, then I expect this coming up shortly in an article or magazine. If the idea was scrapped, maybe that’s why this was “leaked”. First of all I’m going to point out exactly what is wrong with this picture.

Working with Photoshop for 8 years and majoring in graphic design? Yeah I think I know some shit. In both the fact that this anatomy is seriously fucked and it’s very clear that this is not Louis’ body. IF they took this picture together. THEY STILL REPLACED HIS BODY.

Here we go.

Here is what we first saw (why would they even “leak” this first? This looks like some shitty shot of a magazine after being colored over with orange markers.)

I’m going to completely bypass what Eleanor said right now because it’s not relevant.

Okay so then we get the “real” picture. Since it’s from instagram it’s autoset to 612x612 and there’s no exif data I can get to see when this was taken. So we have no idea when or where this was taken.

First of all

So word on the street is it’s Justin Bieber’s body. I don’t think so. His torso isn’t that long when you match it up with his shoulders. Nipples too high, etc. I don’t really think it’s Justin’s body. It’s too long to be. Justin is a little stockier.It’s probably someone else’s, we’d have to do some more digging. May just be a model or some stock photo.

Though, it’s possible that they took it and thinned it. Either way, as much as it’s not Justin’s it’s DEFINITELY not Louis’ and this is why:

Kay so let’s talk about their arms:

So let me explain:

First frame: is it possible Louis arm is behind him entirely? If so LOL. Can’t touch her bare skin? Hahahaha.

Second: Is it folded behind him? No, his arm would be way too short for that.

Third: Well what about hers? Is it behind his arm because his shoulder is in the way?

Fourth: Or is it down and then reached up under his armpit?

Fifth: This is how it would make sense if she didn’t have three fucking arms. This is how it should look.

Sixth: Only real explanation to make this shit work. Just. What?

Let me bring this to attention as well (gif from someone else):

Via 1direction23flick

Like how does this even happen. She can basically wrap her whole hand around her thigh okay.

I’ll update this later if I find anything else but seriously, bottom line is it’s Photoshopped. Secondly, they still look awkward as hell.

I don’t think you tried at all.

If anyone else has any other proof send it my way. I’ll continue looking into this in the meanwhile.

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Further proof.

When does someone’s chest do this?

Why does his hair cut off?

honestly what is that strip. It juts out of from his shoulder okay.

When has her arm EVER been muscley?